Back to School Bash - August 7th - 12pm to 2pm
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Back to School Bash - August 7th
Classes begin for JCPS students on August 11th



Message from the Principal

Thank you for choosing Phillis Wheatley Elementary School for your child’s learning experience! I have recently been named the Principal of Wheatley after being the Assistant Principal for four years. We seek to create an enriching environment that promotes student growth: academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. We also embrace diversity here at Wheatley; having representation from a variety of nations and cultures in our student population. Our diversity makes the environment that much more rich. Not only is the environment rich in terms of diversity from a national or cultural sense, but also in terms of individuality. Every child and adult brings their own unique experiences to the table that enhance the lives of others. We definitely embrace the phrase: Differences are an asset of the whole. With that said, we are most certain that your child will benefit immensely from his or her experience here at Phillis Wheatley.

Wheatley provides a rigorous curriculum that is aligned to state and national standards. All students are supported in their learning progression as they work towards mastery of the standards. Our teachers formatively assess student progress towards mastery of standards and adjust their instruction to meet student needs. More importantly, students are provided opportunities to monitor their level of progress toward mastery of standards. As a school, we are committed to providing students with extended learning opportunities for those that are working towards mastery and those that have demonstrated mastery. We offer special classes in PE, STEM lab, Compassionate Schools Program, Art/Music, Computer, and Library.

We also promote a social, emotional, and physically safe environment by helping our students develop character traits such as respect, organization and preparedness, attentiveness and engagement, and responsibility through our R.O.A.R creed. Our students begin their instructional day with a morning meeting, placing emphasis on many of these character traits, as well as the use of the Second Steps curriculum for social/emotional learning. They also complete their day with a closing meeting to recap the day.

We truly want the best for our students here at Phillis Wheatley and we strive to provide them with our best daily!

Keisha Fulson


Letter from the Principal


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